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Netflix is all set to release a series cum game, where 12 contestants will be facing each other. The official Netflix series, named “The Devil’s Plan,” is already a highly anticipated Korean show. Currently, the show has released a teaser and an official trailer, creating a lot of buzz about it. Jeong Jong-yeon is the creator of the show. Jeong is also famous for shows like, ‘The Great Escape’, Girls High School Mystery Class’. Netflix will originally release the show in the Korean language with appropriate English subtitles because of its worldwide release. Now let’s know more about ‘The Devil’s Plan’ release date, trailer and cast. 

The Devil’s Plan Release Date

The official teaser of ‘The Devil’s Plan’ was released by Netflix on their official site and Youtube was on 30 August 2023. That video on Youtube crossed 230K views and now the official trailer has been released by them today. Moreover, they are expecting it to reach a huge audience, as the fan base for Korean drama series is extensive. 

The Devil’s Plan release date has been announced by Netflix and it is going to be 26 September 2023.

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The Devil’s Plan Explained

Jeong Jong-yeon created this survival-based game series. A total of 12 contestants will be there in the show, and everyone will play to win. They will check the mental strength of all contestants, who come from different professions, more than physical strength. The game will last for 6 nights and 7 days, and at the end of the last day, they will crown one as the ultimate victor. Furthermore, they will test the limits of the mind, and the winner will take 500 million won (375,000 dollars) home. 

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Cast of the game 

Kwaktube, ORBIT, Guillaume Patry, Kim Dong-jae, Park Kyeong-rim, Suh Dong-joo, Suh Yu-min, SEUNGKWAN, Lee See-won, Lee Hye-sung, Cho Yeon-woo, Ha Seok-jin

Creator: Jeong Jong-yeon

Genres: Korean, Competition Reality TV, Reality TV

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