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Netflix is all set to release ‘The Outfit’ an American crime drama thriller movie on their platform. The theatrical release of the movie took place in 2022 now after a year and half, it will be released on Netflix. However, was unable to create an impact at the box office, as it didn’t even do business equal to its making cost. Graham Moore directed the movie and Graham along with Johnathan McClain gave the screenplay. The Outfit was Graham’s directorial debut project. Now, let’s know more about ‘The Outfit Netflix release date, plot and box office collection. 

The Outflix Netflix release date

This is Netflix’s brief introduction about the film: A British tailor in 1950s Chicago must thread a very dangerous needle when his shop becomes a battleground for a group of infighting gangsters’.

The Outfit Netflix release date is 18th September 2023. 

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Plot of the movie

There is an English man in the movie, named Leonard Burling and runs a tailor shop in Chicago, America. His shop is located in the area which is controlled by Roy Boyle, who is the leader of Irish Mob. A character named Richie is Roy’s son. Richie, being a chief enforcer, uses Leonard’s shop as a place where he meets other gangsters and conducts his dirty business. Leonard doesn’t like it, but finds himself helpless, as Roy’s family is his best customer and also he’s a gangster. Also, Leonard keeps a complicated relationship with the shop’s receptionist, who is Richie’s girlfriend. Leonard doesn’t like all this, and when he tries to take action, things go out of control. 

The Outfit Box Office Collection

The movie is rated good on different reviewing platforms.  On IMDB, The Outfit is rated 7.4 and on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie is rated 85%. However, despite good ratings and an interesting storyline, The Outfit, managed to do the business of 4 million dollars on the box office. Moreover, the movie’s budget was around 5 million dollars.

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Cast of the movie

Mark Rylance, Johnny Flynn, Zoey Deutch, Dylan O’brian, Simon Russell Beale, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Alan Mehdizadeh

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