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One of the most famous entertainers on social media, Jake Paul is a younger brother of Logan Paul. Like his brother, Jake has also been into multiple professions like entertainment, professional boxing and business. He has been into a Disney’s series named Bizaardvark. Jake’s boxing career began a few years back and since then he came into the limelight. His most recognised work was on the entertainment platform called Vine. He, along with his brother Logan, accomplished a lot on Vine.

Jake Paul’s Life Overview

Born on 17 January 1997, in Cleveland Ohio, Jake Paul is the younger brother of Logan Paul. His brother is also a Youtuber, an entertainer and a professional fighter. He along with his brother started shooting videos when he was 10 years old. Jake was born to Pamella Stepnick and Gregory Paul. 

Jake’s Entertainment Career

Jake Paul’s career in the entertainment industry officially began in 2013, when he came on Vine. he had over 5 million followers on Vine, before it was discontinued by Twitter. It was on 14 May 2015, when Jake started his Youtube channel, which was based on pranks videos, controversies and music. After getting recognition, Jake got the chance to become part of Disney’s Bizaardvark. Later, the series fired him due to ongoing controversies related to him. 

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Jake’s Music and Business Career

In January 2017, Jake started a company named Teamdom with $1 million. It was an influencer marketing management and creative agency. A music video was released by him on 30 May 2017, named ‘It’s Everyday Bro’, which featured Team10. He released a remix of the same song featuring rapper Gucci Mane on 22 November 2017. 

Jake got more focused on music in the year 2019, as he released multiple songs after that. He released songs like ‘These Days,’ which featured model Julia Rose. Songs like ‘Fresh Outta London’, ‘23’ were released by Jake in the year 2020.

Boxing Career of Jake Paul

Jake started an organization named Boxing Bullies to help young and aspiring talents in boxing. Jake’s first amateur boxing match took place when he and his elder brother Logan, both had to fight against KSI and his younger brother Deji. He fought against Deji on 25 August 2015, and won against him by technical knockout in 5th round. 

Jake made his professional boxing debut, when he fought against AnEsonGib on January 30, 2020. In the first round itself, Jake won by technical knockout and registered his first professional boxing win. Later Jake had multiple fights with boxers like Fury, Woodley II, Askren, Silva, Diaz and others.

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