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One of the most famous and trending social media personalities around the world is Logan Paul. Currently, he is also one of the most trending stars, due to his upcoming controversial fight against Dillon Danis. Logan has been into many professions and he has been successful in almost all of them. A Youtube creator, Professional WWE wrestler, professional boxer, entrepreneur, he has been part of all of these. Logan gained popularity through his Youtube channel in his early days, where he gained more than 4 million followers.

Logan Paul’s Life Overview

Born in Westlake, Ohio on 1st April 1995, Logan is the elder son of his parents Pramela Stepnick and Gregory Paul. Logan shares multiple ancestors like Irish, Scotting, English, french. Jake Paul is Logan’s younger brother, who also is a social media personality and a professional boxer. Since 10 years of age, Logan has been into making videos on Youtube. His first channel’s name was Zoosh. Logan has always been athletic and therefore he also was part of the Ohio High School Athletic Association. 

Logan’s Youtube Career

After dropping out from Ohio University, Logan decided to become a full time entertainer and therefore shifted to Los Angeles. During the start of 2014, he had more than 3 million followers on different social media platforms. His popularity got a boost from the video platform named Vine. Till 2015, Logan was the 10th most influential figure on Vine. Currently Logan’s youtube channel has over 23 million subscribers and his channel has around 6 billion views overall. Due to his popularity on Youtube, he got work in several advertisements including Pepsico, Hanes, HBO. Logan released a song in November 2017, named ‘No Handlebars’, which was highly criticised everywhere and even some called him “sexist”. 

Logan’s Boxing Career

After Logan Pual had his white collar amateur boxing match against Joe Weller, he was challenged by youtuber KSI. They announced Logan vs KSI and Jake Paul vs Deji, these white collar matches, on 24 February 2018. Deji is the brother of KSI, who also is a boxer. The match between Logan and KSI ended up as a majority draw, in which 2 judges gave equal and 1 judge gave KSI 1 point more. 

A professional boxing match was announced between Logan and KSI on 4 September 2019. This was the rematch between both the fighters and it was exclusively broadcasted on DAZN in the United States. The rematch was won by KSI, where 2 judges gave more points to KSI. 

Logan also had a fight against five division world champion Floyd Mayweather. The match was an exhibition bout, and no winner decided at the end. However, in the post-match inspection, they announced that Floyd hugely dominated the fight. Floyd in the post fight interview said “He is better than I thought he was, he’s a tough, rough competitor”.

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Logan’s WWE Career

Logan’s WWE Smackdown debut as a guest took place on 2 April 2021, where he was alongside Sami Zayn for his red carpet premiere of his documentary. He was at ringside for a match against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania 37. Later Logan helped Happy Corbin in attacking Kevin, when Logan came on Smackdown as Corbin’s guest at a KO show.  

Logan Paul also appeared on WWE Raw, where he was The Miz’s tag team partner. The match was The Miz and Logan Paul vs Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio. Miz and Logan won the match, but at the end, Miz attacked Logan out of nowhere. Later Logan signed a contract with WWE and had a fight against Miz, where he won. 

Logan also challenged champion Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship. He was defeated by Roman, despite getting additional help from his brother Jake during the fight. 

Logan Paul is currently trending on the Internet, because of his upcoming boxing match against Dillon Danis. The match is going to take place on 14 October 2023 at Manchester Arena, Manchester. Both the stars are hugely criticising each other and had several verbal disputes till now. It would be interesting to watch the outcome of the fight. 

Also get to know more about Logan Paul from his Twitter account.

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