Why was Fousey got arrested on his live stream?


Fousey arrested: He is again trending and not for a good reason. For those who don’t know Fousey is a YouTuber and a Twitch streamer. He is in highlights as he gets himself arrested on his live stream. His YouTube channel name is FouseyTube. He is always in the headlines for his controversial ways. And today we have something new to report about Fousey. His real name is Yousef Saleh Erakat.

He was born to Palestinian parents and has three older siblings other than him. Fousey frequently engages in controversial activities. In a recent turn of events, he has again garnered the attention of people. Fousey livestreamed the first known incident of performing a self-swat on himself. Now, you would think why would anyone do such a stupid thing? But Fousey had his reasons.

The whole incident is simple. An individual who claimed to be banned from Kick called the streamer and started abusing him. In reaction, he called the cops, falsely claiming that the caller was in possession of a handgun and threatening him.

“Send the f**king cops! Send the cops! There’s a gun to my head right now. There’s a gun to my head. Ma’am, ma’am, he left. Ma’am he left, there’s a gun to my head.”

Fosuey, H/T-Sportskeeda

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Fousey just didn’t stop there, he threatens the police officers

After miserably failing in his prank and being unable to elicit the desired reaction, he turned aggressive. Finally, the police arrested the YouTuber and now he is currently behind bars. Furthermore, Fousey wasn’t easy to deal with, he kept on pushing the police officers, behaving rudely.

So, when the police asked Fousey, “Who’s this stalker?”, He answers by saying, “I don’t fu***g know.”. And just like that he kept on escalating the issue and the police had to finally make an arrest.

When police were arresting him, he kept on cursing them. He said this to the police.

You guys are dumb as F**k man. You guys are literally dumb as F**k, All Ya. I M recording this

This didn’t stop here, as he threatened the police officers by telling them that he would “sue them all”.

You’ll are Fu***d, I’m suing all ya’ll. My life is in danger and you arrested a palistinian muslim who is viral

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