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Walt Disney Animation Studio is all set to release an upcoming musical fantasy movie, named ‘Wish’. This is going to be Walt Disney’s 62nd animation based movie. Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn have directed the movie, whereas Jennifer Lee and Allison Moore have written it. Peter Del Pecho and Juan Pablo Reyes have produced the movie, whereas Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Animation Studio are the production companies involved. Now, let’s know more about ‘Wish’ movie release date, music, cast and production.

The protagonist in the movie is a 17 year old girl, whose name is Asha. Because Asha doesn’t feel right about the Rosas Kingdom, she makes an urgent request to the stars. Asha feels darkness rising in the kingdom, which no one else is able to sense.

Wish Movie Release Date

The makers ‘Walt Disney Animation Studio’ released the official trailer of the movie on 27 September 2023 on Youtube and their official site. More than 5.6 million people have watched the trailer on Youtube. The expectations of it to reach an even bigger audience is high, because of disney’s popularity. 

22 November 2023 is Wish movie release date, set by Walt Disney Animation Studios. 

Theatrically, both movies, Once Upon a Studio and Wish will be released together.

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Music and Production

The makers appointed Julia Michaels to write the original music and songs for the movie, however David Metzger composed the score for the movie. David has been a part of several disney’s movies like Tarzan II, Brother Bear II and others. 

Jennifer Lee has written the original movie and in January 2021, the movie was first announced publicly. During the D23 Expo Presentation, the makers announced the title of the movie along with the cast working on it. The makers were excited as they were eagerly waiting to see how 20th century illustrations will combine with present CG technology.

Cast of the Movie

Ariana DeBoseAsha
Chris PineKing Magnifico
Alan TudykValentino
Angelic CabralQueen Amaya
Victor GarberAsha’s Mother
Natasha RothwellSakina
Ariana DeBoseAsha

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