Zombieverse: 2023 Netflix series, Release date in August


For the first time Koka Entertainment has partnered with Netflix and they are set to release their first series. A fascinating, horror, exciting, survival based Korean series named Zombieverse will be released on Netflix soon in August month. In the series there will be South Korean entertainers who struggle to survive in Seoul city when it is attacked by Zombies. This is kind of a reality show, which is based on a simple question. The question, How would people react if zombies appear in the real world?. This is the basis of the series and it will be interesting to watch what role the contestants play- a hero, a bystander or a villain.  

Zombieverse Release Date

The trailer of the series Zombieverse, a netflix series was out on 10th of July. A 1 minute 29 seconds long video gives a glimpse of the show, that is what the series is about. The series is set to release on 8th of August 2023 on netflix platform. The subscribers will be thrilled to watch this real yet unreal series based on how zombies attack Seoul and people survive. In the series Park Jin-Kyung from My Little Television and Moon Sang-Don from Hey! First time in Korea? Will be seen working together. 

Release date: 8th August 2023, on Netflix official site

What Zombieverse is based on?

South Korean city Seoul is under attack by zombies, where contestants must fight back for their survival. Contestants not only have to fight back but also have to look for their essential needs like food, water and shelter. Because new tasks will be there each day, the contestants will have to undertake them regularly. Like if any contestant gets bit by any zombie, then he or she will be left behind by other competitors. Art team from All of us are dead and Kingdom Heightens’ choreographer will play a crucial role in the series.

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Cast and Crew

Lee Si-young, Ro Hong-chul, Park Na-rae, DinDin, Tsuki, Yoo Hee-kwan, Yiombi Jonathan, Yiombi Patricia, Kkwachu Hyung, Dex. 

These all will be the survivors in the zombiverse series, because they will fight for shelter, food, water in the zombie world.

Park JIn-kyung and Moong Sang-don are the creators of the show, and this is their first time working together.


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