Counter-Strike Global Offense (CSGO) completes 11 years today


Counter-Strike Global Offense completed 11 Years today. Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment developed it. They released it on 21 August 2012. For gamers who like High FPS games CSGO comes on the top of everyone’s list. CSGO is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series. It took 2 years for the developer to launch this game. The game is still getting regular updates from Valve, including both modest balance tweaks and bigger feature additions.

One of the most well-known esports scenes in the world is Global Offensive. Valve-sponsored Major Championships events, as well as leagues and competitions held by outside organizations, constitute the professional Global Offensive scene. The prize pools for Majors, which were first announced at US$250,000, have increased to US$1,000,000 from MLG Columbus 2016; they are among the most prominent competitions in the Counter-Strike circuit. The key players of Astralis, the most successful Global Offensive team ever, have won four Majors.

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Counter-Strike 2 update And Release date

Valve unveiled Counter-Strike 2, an upgrade to Global Offensive, in March 2023. Due to employing Valve’s Source 2 game engine, Counter-Strike 2 is poised to present notable technical enhancements in contrast to Global Offensive. A restricted technical test for a small group of players started back on March 22, 2023, with a preliminary release date for the game set Before September 23.

Major Update in Counter Strike 2

New Grenades Inspect feature: In Counter-Strike 2, you may now check your smoke, flash, HE, or decoy grenades. The graphics fidelity and item dynamics while examining grenades are really stunning because the engine is also being improved.

New Loadout System for Choosing Guns

Counter-Strike 2 now has an upgraded loadout system. Players can now choose the weapons they bring into battle, categorized into three groups: pistols, mid-range weapons, and rifles. For example, as a Counter-Terrorist, you may now pick between the M4A1-S (silenced) and the M4A4.

New Skins and Cases

Official developers have confirmed that players who earned or purchased skins and cases in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive should not worry, as your skins and cases will be available in your inventory in Counter-Strike 2.

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