EA Sports Unveils FC 24: A New Era of Authentic Football


Electronic Arts has just revealed the cover for EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition. The Trailer is launched with the revolutionary Frostbite Engine. FC 24 has a lot of trinity of technology delivering this true to football level of authenticity like HyperMotionV and Play Styles.The Official Date is 29 September 2023 for the launch but if you buy Ultimate Edition of this game, you will get 7 Day early access.


We are all aware about FIFA and EA contact separation because of that EA’s series will no longer be able to call itself FIFA. That is the main reason they have to change their legacy and have to come up with a new title named FC 24. In the trailer of the game you can easily narrate their message. Welcome to the CLUB!

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What’s New in FC 24?


FC 24 Developer team uses Volumetric Capture Technology to Introduce the HyperMotionV. It captures the Real-Life game in real time and copies all the exact motion a team or an individual player makes and applies that exact motion in FC 24. You can experience this all new HyperMotionV revolutionary real motion animation capturing technology everywhere across in the game like while making Passes, tackles and shots. You can experience this only in newly launched Football Club 24 exclusively. So, if it is football, it is in the game.

Play Styles

Just Like HyperMotionV FC 24 Developer used real life data to come with this new revolutionary technology. They called it by two names Play Styles and Play Styles +. Play Style stands for the signature ability of an individual Player and on the other hand with Play Style + you can take your signature ability to whole another level (God Mode). In total there are New 34 Play Styles in the newly launched game. This new revolutionary allows players to make their game more unique. 

What are we missing in FC 24?

Whenever we talk about Esports These two titles have a huge fan army at their back but there are a lot of gaming enthusiasts which may not be happy after watching the new trailer of FC 24. Because everyone loves Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe, it will be hard to see them out of the game. Kevin De Bruyne, Benzema, Mohammed Salah, and Robert Lewandowski. Seriously this is a lot to take.

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