Payday 3 Release Date, Updates, Gameplay and Latest News


Payday 3 is an exciting game where you play as a shooter in a first-person perspective. It was developed by Starbreeze Studios and released by Deep Silver. This game continues the story from Payday 2 and is the third part of the Payday series.

The PAYDAY Gang used to scare law enforcement and people all over the United States. Some reports even said they committed crimes in Russia. They pulled off daring robberies and were never caught.

Then, one day, they stopped robbing. It’s been peaceful for many years, but peace doesn’t last forever.

Payday 3 Release Date And Platforms

You can enjoy it on PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S since it launched on September 21, 2023. Reviews from critics have been varied, with some liking it and others having different opinions.

When the game first launched, it got super popular really fast! So many people wanted to play, but unfortunately, the game’s servers couldn’t handle the huge number of players. As a result, playing the game became almost impossible because it required an internet connection. This happened not just once, but at least 5 times! And it lasted for hours each time. Oh, and by the way, these server issues occurred mainly during the daytime in America.

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Payday 3 Gameplay and Plot

Payday 3 is set after Payday 2. The Payday Gang split up but got betrayed and lost their money. So they go back to a life of crime. The original crew from Payday: The Heist (“Dallas”, “Chains”, “Wolf”, and “Hoxton”) are there along with 2 other heisters. One of them is from Payday 2 (“Joy”) and the other is new (“Pearl”). The game happens mostly in New York. One mission will take place at the “Gold & Sharke Incorporated” bank. Payday 3, set in the 2020s, introduces new elements such as advanced surveillance and cryptocurrency.


Starbreeze Studios revealed Payday 3 development in May 2016. Overkill Software, acquired by Starbreeze, holds the rights to the game. Plaion (formerly Koch Media) pledged €50 million in March 2021 for development, marketing, and 18+ months of post-launch support. Payday 3 uses Unreal Engine 4 initially but plans to upgrade to Unreal Engine 5. A teaser trailer called A New Criminal Dawn was released on January 1, 2023. The console versions will match the PC version. Overkill announced a September 21, 2023 release date with early access on September 18 for pre-orders of the Silver and Gold bundles.

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