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Witchfire is a highly anticipated video game that falls under the genre of first-person shooters. It is both developed and published by The Astronauts. The game has made its debut in September 2023, specifically for the Windows PC platform. However, it is worth noting that the initial release takes the form of early access, enabling players to experience and offer feedback on the game before its final version is ready.

Witchfire has recently entered into its early access phase, and it holds a promising future. Although there are a few imperfections, the team at The Astronauts has managed to bring together elements of first-person shooter gameplay with the challenging features of a roguelite game. I’m excited to witness its growth and development in the upcoming period.

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Witchfire Development And Release Date

The game initially started development in 2015 as a post-apocalyptic science fiction survival simulator called “Astro Project 2,” but later changed to a dark fantasy first-person shooter. The developers officially revealed it at The Game Awards 2017. In January 2022, the developers announced that they would release the game through early access in late 2022, but they later postponed the date to early 2023. They have now set the game to release on September 20, 2023, for Windows PC via the Epic Games Store.

As of 2019, the development team consists of nine full members and three contributors. The game does not have a connection to Adrian Chmielarz’s earlier Doom-style Painkiller from 2004, but it draws inspiration from FromSoftware’s Dark Souls and Bungie’s Destiny series. American landscape painters like Thomas Hill, Albert Bierstadt, and Frederic Edwin Church influence the art direction of the game.

Witchfire Gameplay and Platform

Witchfire aims to be a game that focuses on action and skill, where you play as a first-person shooter. Unlike many other games, Witchfire won’t have cutscenes interrupting the gameplay. Additionally, it will incorporate various gameplay elements typically seen in roguelike games.

It’s certainly exciting news that Witchfire is confirmed to launch on PC through the Epic Games Store. The developer’s choice to release the game on the Epic Games Store indicates their intent to reach a wide PC gaming audience, leveraging the platform’s extensive user base and distribution capabilities.

Players on PlayStation and Xbox are uncertain about when they’ll get Witchfire. The developer promised it would come to these platforms but hasn’t provided a timeline, leaving eager fans frustrated.

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