How much money did Adam 22 and Lena the Plug make from the viral tape?


Adam 22 and Lena the Plug has become talking sensation in the social world today. Since Lena The Plug and Jason Luv made their viral tape, Adam 22, and his wife both have been quite viral since then. So, why the controversy you might ask? It is all because Lena the Plug made a tape with someone other than her husband. For the very first time! ever.

It has been very controversial ever since between the three (or maybe just between the couple and Jason Luv). Also, many had been questioning Adam for his bad judgment. But recently on Adam 22’s podcast, No Jumper, he had Jon Zherka, who is also a controversial influencer. So, at a point of conversation, Zherka directly gets to ask Adam how much money did the couple get from the viral tape? Like every man Adam didn’t exactly tell how much he earned, but he gave a hint by just saying, “What it if was a billion?”.

What do you think, can Adam 22 have made billions of his wife? So comment and let us know.

Adam 22 has “no regrets” for his decision

Adam had Aries Spears joining him on his No Jumper show. So, Aries Spears asks Adam referring to him letting his wife make a tape with Jason Luv, asking- “What was you thinking, it’s as big as a kayak?” Adam 22 immediately answered with no remorse whatsoever that “I have no regrets”. He also said about the incident to quote “Best thing I ever did”.

What is more left to hear now? The Husband’s fine with how things have been going. Also, recently there were reports that Adam, and Jason Luv have been going against each other throwing spitfire. It was also, seen Adam 22 threatening Jason Luv to not speak sh*t about his wife as he knows he “don’t want problems moving around the LA streets”.

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