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The one thing we should relies about building a Fashion and personal style that feels like you is that it’s a habit and just like any other habit that you want to build or break you have to work on it.

Start spending time in your wardrobe so that you will be able to hone in on your fashion and personal style with a lot more clarity and when you shift spending all that from shopping to some of these habits which in mentioned below not only helps you find your personal style but  it will also allow you to experiment and evolve with the style that you will found in the first place

A closet full of clothes with nothing to wear and a whole lot more wasted money

10 Simple Habits Which Will Improvise Your Personal – Fashion Style In Daily Life


“For nothing” as in getting dressed every day regardless of whether or not you have somewhere special to go.

It will determine you to start “getting dressed” Not only you will feel better about yourself but you will feel more productive and it will help you find out what you want and what you like and what you didn’t like. And this habit would also be really helpful specifically if you work from home or work remotely.

Be real that’s what’s most comfortable but even if you do this a few days,  a week not only you’ll feel really good about yourself but you’ll start to really find out what you GRAVITATE towards in your own wardrobe and that way you can really discover and build upon your own style.


If you’re a full-blown shopaholic and If you give in to any and all of the buying impulses it will only leave you with a whole bunch of clothes that you will not use, that you will not wear a whole lot of buyer remorse and it will cause a whole lot of debt and wasted money.

Impulse buying will take many years to rewire your brain. Avoiding impulse buying will help your personal finances and also your fashion and personal style by just taking a breath and slowing that impulse buying. It will help you prevent from buying things that you don’t truly need. And if you do struggle with impulse buying do these two things

Put the item on a wish list and

Give yourself at least 24 hours to cool off and think about it.

If you set that boundary it will not only save you a ton of money but also can really help streamline your shopping and help you stick to curating that personal style that you envision.


By paying attention to textures and materials you will be able to create a little bit

Of a different look while still sticking true to the basic outfit foundation that you feel most comfortable in. Playing around with different textures it can really transform your look without straying too far out of your comfort zone.


Pay attention to your footwear. Do you ever spend time putting together an outfit you’re loving it you’re Vibing, it feels so good and then you throw on a pair of shoes and wonder why all of a sudden that look is just completely off? The choice of footwear can really make or break an outfit.


The body type rules and Dressing for a particular body really boxes us in when it comes to playing around with fashion and just experimenting anybody deserves to try and play around with any style they want. You can wear it whatever you enjoy and avoid all the rules at the end of the day.

When you pay attention to balance and proportion in your outfits by experimenting with balance and just playing around with it trying it see what sticks see what fits it will help you discover new things that you would like to wear in your style and it just adds a little bit more things for you to okay with when you’re shopping your own closet.


Taking care of yourself. By this it means just taking the time to do your best to take care of yourself so this is things like making sure that you take off all your make-up at the end of the night no matter how tired you are, Doing your skin care,  taking some time to style and do your hair. Even things like getting enough sleep. Taking time for self-care can boost your energy and enhance personal style, making you feel refreshed and confident

Because if you’re feeling good about yourself and feeling confident anything you choose to wear is going to look good on you and you’ll feel good in it.

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Allowing yourself to store pieces instead of decluttering them. You will definitely have fallen into the trap of decluttering something because you thought you should get rid of it and then end up buying it or thinking about buying it later on it. Just creates a cycle of wasted money and it’s not great for the environment even though.

Consider selling or rehoming items to give them a new life. Don’t feel pressured to get rid of something immediately; you can store and revisit it later.


There are so many things that can play around with that can really transform an otherwise basic and simple look and accessories can even become part of your signature style. So don’t be afraid to play around with your accessories, to change up your style and communicate a different vibe.


Keep your favorite outfit combos and add variety through balance, textures, and accessories to maintain your style without getting bored.

Don’t be afraid to repeat an outfit if  IT’S GOOD IT’S GOOD


Even if it’s a Splurge you gotta know where that money is coming from and how is this related to personal style you may ask!

When adding to your wardrobe, choose joy over regret. Fashion should be fun and stress-free; avoid going into debt for it

“Creating these habits and dedicating time helps you feel better about your clothes, wardrobe, and future purchases while discovering your preferences. You even learn to not Compromise on those things. It really helps cultivate a sense of confidence in your own wardrobe, in your own style and even in your own self”

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