What Is FSR? Complete Information About AMD FSR 3.


AMD FSR 3 (FidelityFX Super Resolution) biggest Competitor in the market is NVIDIA DLSS 3. Both technology is introduced to power the graphics cards. (FidelityFX Super Resolution), commonly known as AMD FSR, is a technology created by AMD. By using AI algorithms to upscale low-resolution images to higher resolutions, it improves the visual quality of games. This procedure improves the image’s sharpness and amount of detail while also boosting the image’s total resolution. Because AMD FSR is an open-source solution, both developers and enthusiasts can use it.

The main benefit of FSR 1 and 2 is compatibility. They can work on most GPUs, including older Nvidia GTX cards without Tensor cores. This means that Nvidia and Intel users can also enjoy the advantages of FSR, not just AMD card owners. FSR offers a wide range of utility in this regard.

AMD Introduced FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) on June 22, 2021. AMD engineers worked tirelessly and made some great improvements in their new product which is AMD FSR 3.

New Upgrades in FSR 3

FSR 3 can create smoother motion in videos. It works like Nvidia’s DLSS 3.0 Frame Generation technology.
You can now use AMD FSR 3 together with anti-aliasing techniques like TAA to make images look even better.
FSR 3 performs better than previous versions, giving you improved performance without making the images worse.

FSR 3 works with many different GPUs like AMD Radeon RX 5700 and newer, and Nvidia GeForce RTX 20 and newer. It also works with more and more games like Forspoken, God of War, and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Here is a table of the supported GPUs for AMD FSR 3:

GPU SeriesAMDNvidia
RX 5700YesRTX 2060
RX 5700 XTYesRTX 2070
RX 6700 XTYesRTX 3060
RX 6800YesRTX 3070
RX 6800 XTYesRTX 3080
RX 6900 XTYesRTX 3090

To Summarize AMD FSR 3 is a promising new technology that could enhance the visual appeal and functionality of games on a variety of GPUs. Although developers are still working on it, they have already proven its success in a variety of video games. I’m interested to watch how FSR 3 develops going forward.

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