Top 5 Brands Selling Organic Green tea on Amazon in India


Green tea is undoubtedly one of the most widely consumed beverages for health related benefits around the world. The benefits of green tea are numerous and people around the world have experienced those benefits by using it on a daily basis. In India, there are several brands selling organic green tea on Amazon, but which are the best amongst all? Therefore, we have reviewed the top 5 brands selling organic green tea on Amazon in India.

Top 5 brands selling organic green tea


One of the most trusted brands, when it comes to tea and other related beverages in India, is definitely Lipton. Lipton has created goodwill in the market by selling high quality products at a reasonable price range. Lipton sells a wide variety of green tea in different packaging sizes and different flavours. Honey lemon green tea of Lipton which is all natural and has no calories, is their top selling product. Lipton claims that their green tea helps in improving metabolism and reducing waist.

Speciality: Zero Calories, Honey Lemon

Lipton organic green tea


Girnar is the brand which sells green tea with the name ‘desi kahwa’, as it has numerous ayurvedic benefits. Their mixed herbs and spices flavoured green tea is top selling product as it helps in detoxifying the body. Girnar organic green tea contains black pepper, tulsi, clove cardamom, rock salt and many other natural herbs. All these ingredients make it a special beverage to have and increase metabolism of the body.

Speciality- Mixed Herbs and Spices, Increase metabolism

Girnar Organic green tea


Tetley is one of the oldest and one of the most trusted brands in India. They sell a huge variety of not only green tea but also other related products and beverages. Tetley lemon and honey, which comes in the packaging of 100 tea bags, is their top selling green tea. Tetley organic green tea is rich in antioxidants, also they claim to provide 5 times the antioxidants than an apple. 

Speciality- Lemon and Honey, Rich in Antioxidants

Tetley organic green tea


One of the best organic green tea providers in India is Twinings, because it is perfectly balanced and refreshing. Twinings pure green tea with pure green flavour is their top selling product in the packaging size of 100 tea bags. They claim to have less than 1 calorie in their green which makes it even more healthier. With low caffeine content, it is fine for every age group. 

Speciality- Less than 1 Calorie, Low Caffeine

Twinings organic green tea


Heapwell is a brand that sells Japanese matcha green tea powder which comes from Shizuoka, Japan. Japanese matcha tea is Heapwell’s top selling product, which comes with 50 tea bags. This all natural organic green tea has powerful antioxidants and other amino acids which makes it a very healthy option to consume. It is a gluten free tea which has nothing artificial added to it.  

Speciality- Powerful Antioxidants, Gluten Free

Heapwell Japanese matcha organic green tea powder

Green tea is one of the most widely used teas around the world for health and other benefits.  There are numerous brands selling green tea, and it makes it difficult for the buyers to choose the right one. Therefore, we have reviewed these 5 brands selling organic green tea, so that one can make a smart decision before buying.

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