Top 5 premium Bluetooth Wireless Headphones brands in India


Bluetooth wireless headphones play a crucial role, not just in the music industry but also in the daily lives of people. From recording songs in studios to listening to music in our houses, headphones have always been constant. There are many enthusiasts who prefer listening to high quality music and therefore they need premium headphones with superior quality. All sorts of customers can be found in India, some need premium quality whereas some go for reasonable price tags. People looking for a premium music experience can check out these top 5 premium bluetooth wireless headphone brands in India. 

Bose wireless bluetooth headphones

One of the most renowned brands in personal music is Bose. Started by Amar Bose in 1964 in Framingham, Bose sells top class premium music products. Because Bose is categorised in premium range, it is sold at a higher price range, compared to other brands. Bose sells a wide variety of bluetooth wireless headphones which comes with different features and at different price levels. One of their top selling bluetooth wireless over ear headphones with mic is Bose Quietcomfort 45.  

Key Features: Noise Cancellation, Light Weight

Bose Quietcomfort 45 bluetooth wireless headphones

Sennheiser bluetooth wireless headphones

Started over 75 years back, Sennheiser is today one of the most trusted brands when it comes to music. Sennheiser has created its goodwill in the industry and therefore its brand value is enough to sell its products. Some of the best bluetooth wireless headphones are made by Sennheiser and among those Momentum 4 is their most famous model. It comes with a whopping 60 hours of playtime and along with that it has adaptive noise cancellation.

Key Features: 60 hours Playtime, Active Noise Cancellation

Sennheiser Momentum 4 bluetooth wireless headphones

Marshall wireless headphones 

Marshall, a British brand which was started back in 1962 is today one of the most luxurious music brands. Because Marshall has created such an image in the industry, it is highly recognised as a luxurious brand. In India, Marshall has created a specific market for themselves, because they sell niche products. Major II (2) and Major IV (4) are Marshall’s top selling bluetooth wireless headphones, because the major series is launched relatively at a lower price range. 

Key Features: 80+ hours playtime, Wireless charging

Marshall Major 4 bluetooth wireless headphones

AKG bluetooth headphones

One of the most professional brands in the music industry currently is AKG. AKG not only sells wireless headphones, but also mics, amplifiers, speakers and many other such products. Founded by Rudolf Gorike and Ernest Plass during 1947 in Austria, AKG is one of the oldest brands. AKG N60 NC is one of their top selling bluetooth wireless headphones, as it comes with so many features. With active noise cancellation and around 30 hours of playtime this headphone is worth checking out.

Key Features: Active Noise Cancellation, 30 hours Playtime

AKG N60 NC bluetooth wireless headphones

Beats Electronics headphones

Considered to be one of the most attractive music brands around the world is Beats Electronics. Founded in 2014 by famous singer Dr. Dre, Beats Electronics is also a subsidiary of Apple. They are famous for making high end products with premium quality and attractive designs. Beats Studio 3 is one of their most selling bluetooth wireless headphones which comes in more than 7 colour options. This comes under Beats skyline series and it has pure active noise cancellation.

Key Features: Quick charging, Pure ANC, 22 hours playtime

Beats Studio 3 bluetooth wireless headphones

If someone is looking for high end bluetooth wireless headphones with a true music experience, then they can definitely check out these brands. Whether it’s Bose, Marshall, AKG, Beats or Sennheiser, all have something unique to offer which can attract users. 

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