Top 5 reasonable and best wireless earbuds brands in India


Technological advancement is at its height but still hasn’t reached its peak. Many interesting gadgets have been introduced during the last decade and one such gadget is wireless earbuds. Easy to wear and easy to use, these earbuds can make your life easy, at-least this is what is expected. Because wireless earphones connect through bluetooth and have no wire, it is easy to carry. People can experience great sound quality and can also enjoy solitude at the same time with an active noise cancellation feature in it. Out of so many earphones in the market, which are the top 5 reasonable and best wireless earbuds brands in India? This is a big question, because there are numerous brands selling earbuds. 

Let’s see, Top 5 reasonable and best wireless earbuds brands in India

Boat Earbuds:

One of the most trusted brands in India, Boat provides products with superior quality and durability. Boat is one of India’s highest grossing brands in this sector with almost 25%. Because boat provides products like wireless earbuds at a very pocket friendly price, it is widely sold in India. Boat’s airdopes 170 TWS is one of their highest selling wireless earphones. With over 50 hours of playtime and touch controls, it is one of the best options at this price range.  

Key features: 50 hours playtime, Touch controls, BT 5.3

Boat wireless earbuds

Mivi Earbuds:

Mivi, one of the most famous and reasonable brands in India sells a wide variety of wireless earphones. In comparison with other brands like boat and others Mivi is relatively new, but it has a good brand value. Mivi wireless earbuds come in a wide variety and at a very effective price range. With 55 hours of playtime, fast charging and low latency, Mivi is an option to check out. Mivi duapods A650 true wireless in ear earphones is their top selling product. 

Key features: 55 hours playtime, Fast charging

Mivi duapods A650 true wireless earbuds
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Boult Audio Earbuds:

In such a competitive market of ear wears, boult audio has made its place. With a large variety of earphones and headphones, boult audio is one of the famous brands in this segment. One of boult audio’s top selling products is Z40 true wireless earbuds. Because it has 60 hours of playtime and C-type fast charging, this is one the best options to checkout. Boult audio products come with good features and durability at a very effective price range. 

Key features: 60 hours playtime, C-type fast charging, BT 5.3

Boult Audio Z40 true wireless earbuds
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Realme Wireless Earbuds:

There are a large number of users in India using realme products, because they are good in quality and durability. This Chinese brand was once one of India’s top selling mobile phone brands. Realme sells a large variety of ear wears ranging from low to high prices. TechLife T100 wireless earbuds are realme’s top selling product. However it comes with relatively less playtime as compared to its competitors. This can be a good option for those, who are looking to fulfill their gaming needs. 

Key features: Suitable for gamers, fast charging

Realme TechLife T100 wireless earbuds
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Portronics Wireless Earbuds:

Being a very competitive market in India, portronics has established itself as one of the most reasonable ear-wear brands. Portronics earphones are relatively cheaper in price when compared to its other competitors. Harmonics twin S7 true wireless earbuds is portronics’ top selling product. With 35 hours of playtime, touch control and bluetooth 5.3, this is a very good option to check out. 

Key features: 35 hours playtime, BT 5.3

Portronics Harmonics twin S7 true wireless earbuds
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All these brands, selling and wireless earphones are few of India’s top selling brands. Because these earbuds are at a very effective price range, they are very good in terms of quality and durability. With playtime of over 30 hours in all the options, these can be the wireless earphones you are looking for. 

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